Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Drawn Forest

For The Nature Of, an exhibition which I put on for Forest of Imagination, I invited visitors to add to the wall drawings of trees. Regardless of age or artistry anyone was welcome to add their own pencil drawn tree, extending the installation of a drawn forest. I prepared by adding the first three trees, one highly detailed one simplistic with smudges and a big sketchy one which was added to by another artist.

It was fascinating to see the different ways people went about the task, choosing where they'd plant their tree and at what height it would grow. With quite a bit of wall to work on and only normal sized pencil lead it was great to see a variety of ages enthused by the challenge. Naturally birds appeared and a pumpkin showed its face. In response to finding a fireman climbing up a trunk another person added a cat up the tree. Drawers were instructed to add their name to the artist list if they wanted to, yet letting whose tree was whose up for speculation.

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