Saturday, 23 August 2014

The Still Amidst The Storm

The Drawing Breath wall drawing was created with watercolour and graphite powder, working directly with the space - composed intuitively. I enjoyed using these two different mediums to create similar imagery, the watercolour focusing on the detail whilst the graphite powder adding a smooth and wispiness to the drawing. Likened by visitors to an echo or music, the dancing lines capture a movement. 

Curating installations in the show was really interesting to see how they interacted with the other work. For some it was a case of displaying them in a way that emphasised them as different pieces distinct in their own ways. Although I feel Amidst, a set of 4 small trees made out of little branches, was a piece in itself - I was please with the way it used the wall drawing as a back drop. I liked the way the works complimented each other and together they were my favourite work in the show. Therefore I naturally  also titled them together as The Still Amidst The Storm.

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