Thursday, 14 August 2014

Off the page/We can't keep everything

I would consider myself quite sentimental and easily attached to objects. A stray button or interestingly shaped safety clip can become the most precious thing to me, in a way I think the smallness of items increases this - perhaps why I get so caught up with fine lines and small details. To me these seem the most precious.

Yet despite this characteristic I manage to also love the fleeting, intangible, ungraspable. I enjoy creating ephemeral works, giving the piece another dimension of fragility - it's limited lifespan. 

These ideas seem so opposing - keeping and letting go. Yet in a way I feel they comment quite aptly on the human experience of life. The way in which we live is filled with collecting and accumulating alongside a mountain of having to let go.

With the inevitability of change and moments flying away, we manage to simmiltaneously accumulate and lose things - via the method of memories.

With my enthusiasm for both the lasting and the fading for Drawing Breath I have on display a mixture of ephemeral installations and hung drawings yet I was also curious to display works that held both elements. 

These two different pieces hold more lasting elements yet they feel completed by that which cannot be kept, giving them a slight fancifulness as blue petals and pencil drawings carry on beyond the edges.

Pin Cushion Wave
watercolour, graphite powder and pencil on tracing paper

This piece takes reimagined shapes influenced from the Pin Cushion Flower.

fine line pen on cartridge paper and mount board, graphite pencil on wall

Tracks further explores the forms I have been working with here. Composing the shapes in a different format.

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