Wednesday, 13 August 2014


As a bit of a hoarder and lover of detail I didn't think I was much one for minimalism or simplicity yet when I created this piece I stopped adding to the composition quite soon. Echoes of detail and shadows cast like drawings on the white.

I was happy with this piece so soon - it captured a great stillness, to me it feels similar to the silent calm when you are in the middle of nowhere on a snowy day.

The piece is very simple using four small bits of branch, white tack and garlic skins drawn on with fine line pens. I quite like that such mundane materials have been used to conjure up something quite atmospheric. Like a little set ready for a story. It has also made me realise along with a fragility and etherealness another quality that I really like to chase after and that is stillness.

However for me this piece is really made complete with the way it works with the wall drawing surrounding it, as if it is the still amidst the storm.

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