Thursday, 14 August 2014

Forgotten Stories

During my residency I have been playing with plant, white emulsion and pencil drawing on the front inner pages of discarded books (which you can find out about here).

The results of this exploration are two pieces. I find these very visually pleasing with the contrast of the page tone against the white and the thick white emulsion against delicate pencil drawing, book print or writing in pencil found on the pages.

The use of old books riddles the work with nostalgia especially prominent in the pieces with signatures or this message left on one - 

To Daddy
With lots of love from
Betty & Dave. Christmas '61

The forgotten stories are not only of the tales that these pages were once attached to but the characters who owned the books. The sentiment of an age ago, of lives that may be past tense - just as the lives of the plants. Some plants have just left imprints, now missing, whilst other stick to the page, their tones muted by the white emulsion.

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