Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Sleeping Garden

For 'The Nature Of' I decided to indulge in my love of hung installations. I really like this form of display with the way it captures a stillness, as if catching a moment. 

The exhibition was all about drawing from or with nature so for these pieces I decided to create with it, using a variety of plants to form two hung installations. The shapes as a form of drawing in mid air. The two pieces varied greatly in composition whilst one used a level of pattern and only two different plants, the other used a variety of flowers, leaves and grasses.

As the curator of the show these pieces helped shape the space. They posed an interesting way of breaking up the gallery, adding direction to the experience of the exhibition.

Below you can find out about 'The Sleeping Garden', you can find out about my other hung flower installation 'Sound Asleep' here.

The Sleeping Garden

The falling plants are suspended in the air mostly in rows, as if in an unreal dreamlike state. Unrooted; the flowers, ivy and grasses are free to fly. 

Whilst The Sleeping Garden strikes a connection with the term flower bed, the playful title goes further than this - speaking of the death of the plants in a subtle and pleasant tone. The idea of sleep as a positive experience. 

This piece was composed in an attempt to give the hung garden a meadow like feel, with little pattern and a variety of plants.

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