Thursday, 17 July 2014

Interactive Art

I have a great love for interactive art, where visitors cannot only delight in creativity visually but by taking part in it. Therefore I was keen to have elements in The Nature Of where visitors could become a part of the exhibition.

I invited Amber Cooper, who creates beautiful mandalas with natures materials, to start one in the centre of the floor which anyone could add to, growing it outwards.

Drawn Forest Installation

As an artist who often works on walls, keen to use the given space, I decided to create an installation on the walls. I started off with three trees leaving instructions for visitors to add their own, to assist the growth of the drawn forest. This was open to the other artists in the studios as well as any visitors big or small.

The invitation to take part included a request to use only pencil, intrigued to see the imaginative ways a simple tool could be used. It was interesting to see the different approaches to the challenge, with normal sized pencil lead and quite a bit of wall.

See more about the Drawn Forest here.

Gillian McFarland also invited visitors to add to her piece, leaving cocktail umbrellas to transform into fungi.

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