Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Watercolour on windows

Whilst looking after my show Drawing Breath I decided to make the most of my residency and work on a window whilst I invigilated. I already had one window work in the show using the same media so I was keen to play further with using watercolours on glass. I recreated some shapes I had been using in a few of the works on show and made a trail up the window.

I really enjoyed both the creation and outcome of this piece. The fragility of the work more real than some of my other temporary works. Wall drawings requiring rubbing out or painting over whilst the window pieces wiped away so easily. Any interaction with weather or touch might deteriorate the piece and I discovered that flies have a taste for eating watercolour, leaving a small dotty pattern in some of the lines.

Now knowing that watercolour paint is successful on glass and so easily removed my windows at home definitely aren't safe from a bit of experimenting. 

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