Wednesday, 16 July 2014

'The Nature Of' - Forest of Imagination Satellite Event

The Nature Of

As the Artist in Residence at Bath Artists' Studios during Forest of Imagination I was invited to put on an event in the Gallery Space. I decided to coordinate an exhibition merging natural forms and drawing, from composing with natural elements to drawing on or from them. The show had interactive works visitors could add to and an opportunity to turn damaged books into paper leaves on the Sunday.

The exhibition featured my work alongside six other artists who captured natural and playful qualities within their pieces. The other artists involved were Gillian McFarland, Amber Cooper, Fay Stevens, Mary-Jane Evans, Emily Cross and Caroline Waterlow.

Find out more about Forest of Imagination.

Gillian McFarland

Fay Stevens

Mary-Jane Evans

Emily Cross

Caroline Waterlow

Sophie Erin Cooper

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