Friday, 25 July 2014

Little Tree Installation

Fascinated by fragility I am always keen to apply detailed drawings to delicate materials. Garlic skins is something I have done previously and I was very happy with the results, yet eager to play with this further. For 'The Nature Of' I created this small installation using the garlic skins, drawn on with fine line pens, a small end of a branch and a glass dome. The glass dome spells out its fragility, the piece simply placed inside it, the dome as it's support. 

What I particularly enjoy with this piece is the use of such a throw away item as garlic skins and a twig, decorated and composed in a way to be looked at. I think this use of the mundane transformed by drawing is really interesting and particularly with the use of natural materials. It makes us look at things we wouldn't otherwise in a playful way.

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