Friday, 25 July 2014

Practical Play (white emulsion and plants)

Keen to play further with the plants from my hung installation I decided to experiment with mark making. I used white emulsion imprinting the flowers, leaves and grasses onto the front inner pages of books. With a good selection of incomplete books to choose from. I decided to use the inner front pages for their blankness or the simple titles printed on them. However it was intriguing find some with notes and signatures on and I particularly like these.

I imprinted the impression of the plant onto the pages, some of which I decided to leave the flower as part of the piece. This made me think of an artist I really love the work of, Anselm Kiefer - although this holds no conceptual value like Kiefer's work I was keen to play with this visual style. 

The messiness of the white emulsion meant most of the pieces didn't please me. Although I enjoyed the imprints left from the ivy, the rest lacked detail. I decided to incorporate pencil drawing in contrast to the white paint. A merging of precision and play.

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